Sometimes everything goes wrong within an organisation. People have the feeling they are losing grip. One hesitates to make to right decisions. At the end decisions are no longer taken at all. On one hand a number of problems should be solved, on the other hand the ongoing business should be taken care of. Most organisations have to deal with these circumstances sooner or later. They can be called earthquakes or volcano eruptions. There where already signals for a long time. But suddenly it happened, the volcano erupted the earthquake took place. The company is taken by surprise.


In many cases companies will not survive these situations. In most cases the damage is enormous. But with a well-considered strategy, courage, guts and leadership those situations can be overcome. Not only to survive but to come out stronger after it all is over. In those circumstances we are there. To support and to create an atmosphere that facilitates a new start. Most of the time by acting very rapidly within a limited timeframe. Sometimes by also implementing the new strategy. Making things move again and support the management. We keep our promises and support organisations during the critical phase..


That's what EarthQuakeManagement is for.