What is EQM?



Initiator is Gert Hofsteenge. He is experienced in both governmental and business organisations. He has worked over twenty years as a civil servant within both local and national government. Then he moved to the business market. At national and international level. With preference for extraordinary projects. Leading projects that are earthquakes. In a successful way he was able to manage suddenly occurring situations with deep impact called "organisational earthquakes".


As an independent advisor he is specialized in projects with organisations that have ended up in strange waters. Including bringing together business and governmental organisations. Focused on combining people and what drives them with what their companies are representing. Both in their business and as individuals. Key words: Strong leadership, taking the lead, analytical strength, strategic positioning towards public affairs issues to clients, stakeholders and media. To achieve that with each other. For your benefit. For a better result.


That's what EarthQuakeManagement is for.