Deal management



Eat or be eaten. Companies have to focus more and more. What are the best perspectives? Questions of the current market situation. Apart form a solid strategic advise there is the need for a thorough negotiation strategy. Preparation requires time and attention. From the management, the stakeholder and the employees if possible. A substantial number of parties need to be taken on board in a situation to create value for the company. Show the options, make the strategic analyses and carry out the negotiations. You control the dashboard. We do the work. As you like it!



Founder Gert Hofsteenge has a track record within the negotiation arena. In the Netherlands for governmental and business organisations. At international level within the EU as well as business wise. Companies that want to grow. But also companies that have to reduce activities. This can all be used to guide your company. Key words: What does the customer want, what is the condition of the market and what is the preferred deal.


In order to optimize dealmanagement a partnership has been established with Solveigh Corporate Development at Rotterdam. For more information go to the Newsflash.


That's what EarthQuakeManagement is for.